Cards Against Humanity co-founder Max Temkin launches Magic Puzzle Company

Magic Puzzle Company
Max Temkin, one of the co-founders of Cards Against Humanity, has launched a new firm called the Magic Puzzle Company, which looks to combine ‘the traditional jigsaw puzzle experience with ideas from the worlds of tabletop games and magic’.

The firm has taken to Kickstarter with its first three story-driven 1,000 piece puzzles, each boasting original art, lots of easter eggs and a ‘magical surprise ending’.

“We came up with a whole new way for a puzzle to end,” read a statement from the team.

“When you place the last piece of what you thought was the end of the puzzle, you unlock a whole new part of the experience — a final act that includes both a magical illusion and a completion to the puzzle’s narrative. We playtested these puzzles hundreds of times with people all over the world to figure out how to make this special ending as clear and engaging as possible, and we hope you’re going to love it.”

The Kickstarter campaign has already raised over £2m from more than 45,000 backers. You can check out the campaign here.


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