Creative Kids debuts Nano Crafts line

Creative Kids, Daniel DeLapa, Nano Crafts

Creative Kids Group has launched a Nano Crafts line, inspired by the viral trend centred on nano tape.

Launching in October, Nano Crafts kits bring together the materials – including nano tape – to create ‘unique, tactile and easy-to-DIY projects.’

The viral craft trend centres on nano tape, an adhesive tape made of carbon nanotubes transferred onto a backing material of flexible polymer tape. Once the backing is peeled, nano tape sticks to itself and is durable enough to create shapes and figures.

“At Creative Kids, we pride ourselves in spotting trends early and bringing them to market quickly,” said Creative Kids Partner and Chief Marketing Officer Daniel DeLapa.

“We noticed this viral craft trend taking off – with more than 1.6 billion views across TikTok and YouTube – and we knew it was the perfect extension of our popular craft product offering. We are excited to make this unique craft experience more accessible!”

The Nano Crafts range will include kits centred on Play, Pets, Make and Inflate Nano Buddies, Keychain Squishys and more.

The Nano Crafts line will initially be available at Hobby Lobby, with wider distribution in early 2024.

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