Dharmander Patel on the launch of his new invention studio, DNR Games

Dharmander Patel, DNR Games
After over ten years as Product Development Manager at Drumond Park, 2020 saw Dharmander Patel leave the firm to launch his own invention hub, DNR Games.

We caught up with Minda to learn more about why now was the right time to experience life on the other side of the fence.

Hi Minda, so to kick us off, how did you get your start in the world of toy and games?
My degree was in Product Design at University and for our 3rd year in industry, three of us were selected to spend the year at Hasbro. We had a fantastic placement year playing with Action Man and Sindy dolls, learning how toys were made.I was invited back as a Product Engineer after I graduated in 1995 and I have not looked back ever since.

Amazing, and after 11 years with Drumond Park, 2020 has seen you launch a brand new venture in the form of DNR Games. What sort of things will you be doing and why is now the right time for a change?
I will be focusing mainly on the inventing side, both toys and games, and I’m really looking forward to the Mojo Pitch even. It will be weird being on the other side and pitching to other companies, compared to being pitched to, but I’m excited about the challenge and getting feedback on what I have to show. I’d also love the opportunity to work with other companies with their product development and project management; ultimately helping to get ideas off the ground.

Great. And I’m curious, how did your time with Drumond shape your approach to games design? And looking ahead, what would you say will characterise a ‘DNR’ game?
At Drumond, the focus was on building lasting brands like Articulate and Logo that have now become household names. I want to take this approach and build on it for DNR Games, but also think more outside of the box and come up with ideas that have more challenging game plays and wacky themes.

And having been pitched to by inventors countless times, are there are key learnings you’ll be applying in your new position on the other side of the fence as an inventor pitching ideas to companies?
Preparation and research will be the two things that without a doubt I’ll focus on. When I pitch my concepts, ultimately it’s the idea that is the most important thing. However, I’ll also be sure to have researched how the products will be manufactured, how much they will cost and who the target audience is.

How do you fuel your creativity?
I have two girls aged five and 11 who keep me very busy, but also give me all the inspiration I need. From my youngest, I get the imagination of turning everything she does into a game and from the older one, I get a sense of what is current, trendy and cool.

And before we let you go, if folks want to hear more about DNR Games, how can they reach out to contact you?
My email is [email protected] or you can call me on +44 (0) 7802175675.

Brill – a big thanks Minda and good luck with DNR Games!


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