Exploding Kittens reimagines Dobble as Anarchy Pancakes

Exploding Kittens, Elan Lee, Carol Mertz, Anarchy Pancakes

Exploding Kittens has teamed up with Asmodee’s Zygomatic studio to reimagine Dobble as Anarchy Pancakes.

The company has refreshed the Dobble artwork to align with its signature cartoon style and humour, optimised the rules for a predominantly US audience and added a variety of new card types.

In the game, each player starts with seven pancake cards featuring various misfit toppings. On the count of three, players attempt to match their pancake cards’ toppings to other players’ toppings, forcing them to take the cards and form a ‘pancake stack’. The first player to get rid of all of their cards and shout “Anarchy pancakes!” wins that round and collects a ‘slab ‘o butter’. The first player to receive two slabs ‘o butter wins.

“Anarchy Pancakes is pure, portable mayhem,” said Elan Lee, Co-Creator and CEO of Exploding Kittens.

“It’s guaranteed to get players of all ages frantically shouting, stacking, and slapping cards on the table. Even though each round lasts just a few minutes, my family ends up playing for hours because you can just feel the win in the next round. It keeps all members of the family equally entertained.”

Carol Mertz, Senior Game Designer at Exploding Kittens, added: “With travel back in full force this year, we’re seeing our players prioritising portability in their games so that they can play anywhere.

“Anarchy Pancakes is not only a convenient size to toss in your bag, but also provides hilarious, loud, and lively entertainment for the whole family. It’s rare to find a game that can do both!”

Anarchy Pancakes is available at Target, Target.com, and ExplodingKittens.com.

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