Hasbro, Curious Hedgehog and Showpath Entertainment unite for interactive Dungeons & Dragons stage show

Hasbro, Curious Hedgehog, Showpath Entertainment, Dungeons & Dragons, David Carpenter

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have teamed up with Curious Hedgehog and Showpath Entertainment on an interactive Dungeons & Dragons stage show.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern sees the audience become the ‘fourth player’, influencing key decisions via Gamiotics – a browser-based software which allows them to vote on where the story will go.

With a cast of five actors and over 30 playable characters, audiences will experience an expansive fantasy world set in the Forgotten Realms and face riddles, puzzles and combat. There will also be opportunities for audience members to join the action onstage and take part in a variety of games, including trivia, charades, and the ever-popular Fantasy Beer Pong.

Curious Hedgehog’s original production of The Twenty-Sided Tavern played sold-out engagements in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“As passionate gamers and D&D players, the partners at Curious Hedgehog set off on a quest to redefine what a live interactive experience can be,” said Curious Hedgehog’s David Carpenter.

“What started as a D&D-style RPG onstage with folding tables and a box of props has grown beyond our wildest imagination. From day one we forged a deep connection with gamers and non-gamers alike by bringing them a whole new type of experience by fans for fans. When David Hutchinson at Showpath and the Hasbro team approached us about this collaboration, it was a perfect match. Together we are taking experiential entertainment to the next level.”

Previews start at Stage 42 in New York City on Friday, April 19th and an official opening of Sunday, May 5th.

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