Industry stalwart Lee Allentuck launches The Plan A Group consultancy

Lee Allentuck, The Plan A Group

Industry veteran Lee Allentuck is relaunching his consultancy, The Plan A Group.

Leveraging Allentuck’s extensive experience and network, clients of The Plan A Group will gain access to ‘cutting-edge ideas, streamlined development processes and strategies that ensure speed to market – all while managing costs effectively’.

“The essence of The Plan A Group is about bringing innovation to the forefront of play,” said Allentuck.

“Our mission is to continue paving new paths for the industry by fostering partnerships, nurturing creativity, and developing products that resonate with today’s dynamic market.”

Allentuck boasts extensive experience in the industry, collaborating with major players like Hasbro Games, LEGO, Melissa & Doug and Blue Marble. He also has a leadership role as Head of Content for The Last Gameboard, a start-up situated at the intersection of the physical and digital realms in the board game space.

He adds: “As we step into this new chapter, I am thankful to the incredible talents I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout my toy and game career. It’s the people, ideas and shared passion for play that make this industry so remarkably fun… It all starts with a ‘what if’ boldness – and with innovation as our playground, the possibilities are limitless.”

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