Joe & Seph’s brings Dungeons & Dragons into popcorn

Dungeons & Dragons, Joe & Seph
Joe & Seph’s has launched its latest licensed popcorn flavour in the shape of Dungeons & Dragons Chilli Chocolate Caramel.

Marking the imminent arrival of the big screen adventure Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, the company describes the launch as ‘an adventurous popcorn worthy of wizards, bards and barbarians alike.’

‘Chilli Chocolate Caramel is our sweet and fiery nod to dragon’s breath. Think sweet chocolate caramel, with a warming heat to finish – perfect for munching throughout the film.’

Joe & Seph’s has previously launched flavours with brands like James Bond, Marmite, Pusheen, Brewdog and Budwieser.

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