LEGO to celebrate 10 years of LEGO Friends with anniversary sets

LEGO Friends, Fenella Blaize Charity
The LEGO Group is celebrating 10 years of LEGO Friends with eight new sets.

“LEGO Friends is one of our most beloved franchises and is a culmination of four intense years of anthropological research,” said Rosario Costa, Design Director at LEGO.

“Thousands of girls and their parents worldwide participated in intensive research that validated the desire for more realistic details, accessories, animal nurturing, friendship, interior building and role play opportunities in a LEGO offering.

“From the very beginning the focus was to build a solid foundation for a healthy, long-term sustainable business that would help invite more children into LEGO play and I’m incredibly proud to say that we have successfully accomplished this.”

The LEGO Friends brand is notable for introducing ‘the mini-doll’, which was designed to the same scale as the LEGO minifigure but more detailed and realistic than had been seen before.

Fenella Blaize Charity, Creative Lead and Design Director at LEGO, added: “Not only is the celebration of LEGO Friends’ 10-year anniversary a great achievement, but it’s also extremely exciting to celebrate the anniversary of the mini-doll, recognizing it as a brand icon for the LEGO Group.

“With our 2022 product line-up, we have the most diverse character line-up we have ever had – including lots of amazing new supporting characters. The colour palette and tone of voice has also evolved to represent the modern world – with new exciting architecture and details. I really hope our fans are as excited about the innovation as we are.”

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