LEGO debuts new look for sets aimed at adults

LEGO Haunted House
LEGO has debuted new packaging for sets designed specifically with adults in mind.

The first set to wear the new look is the 3,231-piece LEGO Haunted House, the latest addition to the LEGO Fairground collection and a model designed for adult LEGO fans.

All new products in the LEGO Group’s ranges that appeal to adults will now feature the same new minimalistic design across related packaging, building instructions, exclusive content and in-store and online store design.

“So many of our older builders love the Creator Expert products, as they allow them to show off their passion for the bricks,” said LEGO senior marketing manager, Anders Hellegaard.

“Whether it’s their favourite film moments, sport icons, travel destinations, buildings, fairgrounds or vehicles, LEGO sets help to bring these to life in brick form. That’s also why we have decided to stop using the Creator Expert branding and, instead, use the new adult-focused packaging design to make it clearer which hobbies or brand products they can relate to.

“We hope this will make it easier for fans to track down models they would be proud to display once completed. Of course, our product range will continue to include the same advanced-build, collectible products that guarantee hours of building enjoyment for fans.”

The LEGO Haunted House model features a free-fall ride with automatic doors at the top of the tower, as well as details like haunted doors and a cursed painting.


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