LEGO embraces digital storytelling with LEGO City Missions sets

LEGO City Missions
The LEGO Group has launched a new line of story-led interactive sets called LEGO City Missions.

LEGO City Missions launches with three new sets based on animal rescue, space exploration and police detective mysteries. Each model is accompanied by an interactive story – accessed via the LEGO Digital Building Instructions app – with each story containing eight distinctive missions.

Children will be given inspiration for core model builds, which they will then be encouraged to constantly rebuild and adapt to the different scenarios, prompts and missions they encounter throughout each story.

“The team behind LEGO CITY Missions wanted to explore a new route to celebrate children’s imagination and let their creativity flourish during LEGO building,” said Lillie Ann Talbott, Design Strategist, Creative Play Lab at LEGO.

“We know from talking with children and their parents that creative confidence is key to children’s wellbeing and with this new product our aim is to help every child recognise and be proud of their unique creations.”

Mikkel Lee, Story Innovation Lead, Creative Play Lab at LEGO, added: “We want every child to know that there is no right or wrong, and that only their imagination sets the limit to what they build. With LEGO City Missions we’ve worked hard to ensure a strong balance of storytelling to get children started on their builds but also to give them open tasks to complete and allow for individual interpretation.

“Throughout our testing we’re constantly reminded that children are creative geniuses, and so we really can’t wait to see what they come up with!”

The first sets in the range include LEGO City Wild Animal Rescue Missions, LEGO CITY Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions and LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions.

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