Mattel to make 80% of its games colourblind accessible by end of 2024

Mattel, Ray Adler, Mason Williams

80% of Mattel’s global games portfolio will be colourblind accessible by the end of the year, and 90% will be in 2025.

The move forms part of a commitment by Mattel to create more inclusive play experiences.

When creating these recent portfolio-wide changes, Mattel partnered with several experts in the colour vision deficiency field and consulted with individuals who experience colour-blindness, including some Mattel designers who themselves are colourblind.

Mattel has developed custom solutions for games, such as patterns, tactile clues and symbols to ensure colour was not the only way to differentiate cards or components. This follows the launch of 2017’s UNO ColourADD that was specifically designed for the colourblind community.

“At Mattel, we are proud that our portfolio of games continues to bring people together – transcending languages and cultures – and this initiative to offer more colourblind accessible games is another proof point on our inclusivity journey,” said Ray Adler, Vice President, Global Head of Games at Mattel.

“We’re proud to help spread awareness for the colourblind community and make our products accessible for more people, so that all fans can come together and enjoy universal gameplay.”

Mason Williams, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Mattel, added: “Mattel is committed to designing products that better reflect the world today and create positive social impact. This includes bringing more representative and inclusive products to market across Mattel brands.”

In addition, all mobile versions of Mattel’s card games – including UNO! Mobile, Phase 10 Mobile, and Skip-Bo Mobile – will feature colourblind identification. The new ‘Beyond Colours’ mobile decks each display a unique and unified set of symbols, such as squares and triangles for easy identification and differentiation between the classic card colours.

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