Moose’s Shannon Swindle discusses Pickleball Blast… And having a blast with inventors!

Shannon Swindle, Moose, Pickleball Blast

Shannon, welcome back! You’re coming to the Mojo Pitch in June… Why are you looking forward to that?
Thanks, Deej! I’ve participated in the virtual Mojo Pitch for a few years now, but this will be my first time attending the in-person event. I’ve heard such great things about it, and I can’t wait to finally meet some inventors face-to-face, after having only known them through video…

Do you prefer face-to-face meetings?
Oh, yes! While virtual pitching has its conveniences, there’s truly nothing like the personal interaction that comes with meeting inventors in real life. There’s something special about the camaraderie and energy of being together in person. I’m also excited to connect with fellow Moosies from the UK.

Moosies! Love it. I know we have to keep things short today, but I was interested to see your range of games at London Toy Fair. You had a couple of great products! Tell me about Pickleball Blast… For those that haven’t seen it, can you explain it?
Absolutely! Pickleball Blast is a new family action game that launched at Target this Spring and will be available at additional mass retailers in August. We like to say it puts a new spin on America’s fastest-growing sport with a board game-size tabletop court. You basically smash a flying pickle back and forth with your pickleball paddle, while aiming for your opponent’s pickle jars. It’s fast-paced and frantic fun—for highly competitive people!

And is that an inventor item, Shannon? Who’s behind it?
Yes, it was invented by Bang Zoom Design, who have been the most dill-lightful partners. When they first shared Pickleball Blast, it was love at first sight! We knew it was special because it not only tapped into a popular trend, but it was also super fun to play. After I brought it to LA to playtest for the first time, the response was unanimous. Everyone on our team liked it and said the six magic words, “That was fun, let’s play again!”

Shannon Swindle, Moose, Pickleball Blast

After licensing the concept from Bang Zoom, our design, graphic, and manufacturing teams took it to the next level. Then our marketing and PR teams did a fantastic job launching it, securing placement on the Today Show, the cover of the Toy Book, and numerous influencer campaigns. Witnessing the entire company rally behind this game, fuelled by their belief in its potential, was truly inspiring.

Fantastic! And in what way does Pickleball Blast typify what Moose is looking for in a game?
It’s pretty simple. We’re looking for innovative games that people love to play across multiple categories.

Simple as that! And if it gets you saying, “That was fun, let’s play again!”, then so much better, presumably. And is there any other news you want to share ahead of meeting up in June?
I would say that the growth in Moose’s games portfolio and sales has been exceptionally strong. We’re launching new games in the Preschool, Children, Family, Card, Strategy, and Party categories globally.

Gosh! You’ve really hit the road running!
Right! We’ve signed 15 deals over the past year, and we’re on the hunt for more great products to add to our lineup. I absolutely love working with the inventor community and connecting with new inventors. There’s nothing better than an authentic connection and discovering shared interests with people from all over the world. Can’t wait to see everyone in London!

Likewise, Shannon; looking forward to meeting up.

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