Pokémon Go studio Niantic readies Transformers AR game, Transformers: Heavy Metal

Niantic, Hasbro, TOMY, Transformers AR
Niantic, Hasbro and TOMY Company are teaming up on a new Transformers AR game called Transformers: Heavy Metal.

Developed by Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship, the game will task players with uncovering hidden regions across Earth to find resources and battle Decepticons in turn-based battles, either solo or with friends.

“Transformers is the perfect franchise for AR,” said John Hanke, CEO of Niantic.

“Battling and interacting with giant robots in the real world is an amazing experience. We want to live up to the high expectations of Transformers fans around the world and bring them a game unlike anything they’ve played before.”

With a planned global launch later this year, Transformers: Heavy Metal will enter soft launch in select markets soon.

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