Polly Pocket creator Chris Wiggs has died, aged 74

Chris Wiggs, Polly Pocket

Chris Wiggs – the co-creator of Polly Pocket, Rubik’s Clock, The Orb, and many more – has passed away. He was 74. Chris died peacefully at his home in France. He was surrounded by family.

Chris met his business partner, Chris Taylor, while studying at The Central School of Art and Design. Under the name Origin Products, the duo worked closely with Tom Kremer at Seven Towns, and Sir Torquil Norman at Bluebird Toys. It was their relationship with the latter that led to Polly Pocket…

Chris Wiggs, Polly Pocket

In 1983, Chris Wiggs made a Polly Pocket prototype for his daughter, Kate. He used an old makeup compact. It wasn’t until several years later, however, that Chris rediscovered the compact and wondered if it could be a commercial product. Polly Pocket finally hit shelves in 1989 – and soon became one of Mattel’s biggest hits.

Away from the toy industry, Chris was passionate about music. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn; his daughter, Kate; his son, Ben – and five grandchildren. Our condolences to the family and, of course, Chris Taylor. You can read an interview with Chris Taylor about his partnership with Chris Wiggs here: https://www.mojo-nation.com/polly-pocket-co-creator-chris-taylor-reveals-why-he-entered-the-toy-industry/

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