QUBS Toys debuts Cody Block, a screen-free wooden toy that teaches kids coding

Cody Block, QUBS Toys
Cody Block, a screen-free wooden toy that teaches kids coding, has launched on Kickstarter.

Created by Swiss firm QUBS Toys, Cody Block is centred on a little wooden car called Cody that has to find its way home through 16 Building Blocks, which act as commands. Children must lay out a path that leads Cody back to his house by positioning the Building Blocks in the correct order.

As the electronic car moves through the Building Blocks, each block gives a unique directional command to the car through RFID tags. Cody follows the sequence of instructions provided by the Blocks and – if the blocks are arranged correctly – will make it to his goal. If not, children have to figure out how to rearrange the blocks in order to fix the sequence and help Cody get home.

“My aim is to create a toy that blends classic wooden toys with electronics and helps kids navigate this increasingly digital world,” said Hayri Bulman, founder of QUBS.

“There are thousands of wooden toys and there are thousands of electric toys but with Cody we can bridge these two very far worlds together, and close the gap between them.

“I want to bring children closer to coding, a very essential skill for the future. I hope Cody Block will help them understand how to think and problem solve, all of this while having fun. I believe children will play with Cody Block in many different ways, more than we can ever imagine.”

Cody Block is now on Kickstarter, looking to raise CHF 75,000. Check out the campaign here


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