Ravensburger expands Marvel Villainous range with Twisted Ambitions

Ravensburger, Marvel Villainous, Mike Mulvihill
Ravensburger is bolstering its Marvel Villainous series with the addition of Marvel Villainous: Twisted Ambitions.

In Twisted Ambitions, players forge their own twisted paths to victory as Doctor Octopus, Titania and Kang the Conqueror. To win as Doctor Octopus, players must complete five Schemes while those who pick Titania will need to gain strength to become empowered and defeat She-Hulk. Kang the Conqueror will require players to unleash Variants of Kang into other Villains’ decks to conquer four locations in other Villain domains.

The ‘expandalone’ game will be available for pre-order via Target and Amazon beginning February 3rd, and Target’s edition of the game comes with the exclusive ‘chrome’ Doctor Octopus mover.

“We’re always looking for the most compelling villains to add new layers of interactivity into the Marvel Villainous games and these iconic Marvel villains fit the bill,” said Mike Mulvihill, game producer at Ravensburger North America.

“Each of these villains pushed us to create new types of mechanics and objectives that will uniquely challenge each player. Every villain has a different focus, yet fits perfectly into the shared Marvel Villainous universe.”

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