Ridley’s Games debuts Spring slate

Ridley’s Games, Emma Holmes

Ridley’s Games has launched its latest slate of games and puzzles.

Having sold over 250,000 copies of its card game series Selfish, Ridley’s is launching a new series of mini-games called A Little Selfish. Available in Space and Zombie editions, A Little Selfish can be played over a smaller surface and packaged in a portable box.

Elsewhere, following the success of Saving Shakespeare in 2023, Ridley’s is bolstering its escape room series with Timescape: Cleopatra’s Curse. The game sees players work together to solve puzzles, break curses and discover hidden treasures.

Also new is Tortoise Tumble. This game sees players roll two rubber tortoises across a jigsaw-style garden to score. How and where they land decides how many points they win, and the first player to reach 500 is the Top Tortoise Tumbler.

Sticking with the animal theme, Ridley’s is also launching Disney Cat Naps and Disney Lucky Pups card games, as well as a Bird Lover’s 1000-Piece Jigsaw features illustrations of over 100 birds. This also includes a map of the eight migration flyways and interesting facts about the birds and their flight patterns.

“We were thrilled to launch our new product lines at all the Spring shows this year,” said Emma Holmes, Head of Brand at Ridley’s Games.

“It was also fantastic to see so many creators giving serious thought to their environmental impact. It’s essential to everyone at Ridley’s that our products stand the test of time to be enjoyed by people for years to come, rather than creating disposable, throwaway games. As a team, our goal is to reduce the brand’s environmental impact as much as possible by using responsibly sourced materials, replacing throwaway plastics with biodegradable or recyclable alternatives, and minimising the use of virgin plastics. Our ultimate aim is to completely eradicate virgin plastics from the range.”

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