Ridley’s Games

Ridley’s Games debuts Spring slate

Having sold over 250,000 copies of Selfish, Ridley’s is launching a new series of mini-games called A Little Selfish.

Ridley’s Games joins Mojo Pitch 2022

“We look forward to meeting and developing relationships with incredibly talented creators from all over the world to see what exciting direction this could take the Ridley’s brand,” said Emma Holmes, Head of Brand for Ridley’s Games.

Ridley’s Games details Good Clean Fun sustainability initiative

A raft of recent measures means that Ridley’s’ SS23 collection is on track to be 80% free of single-use plastic, with efforts being made to increase this to 100%.

Ridley’s Games’ Austyn Romero on bringing games into puzzles with Jigsaw Duel

Jigsaw Duel designer Austyn Romero discusses why he wanted to flip the therapeutic nature of puzzling on its head.

Ridley’s Games debuts competitive puzzling range, Jigsaw Duel

“As newness is key to what we do, one of our brilliant designers ‘pieced together’ this innovative idea to game-ify the puzzle format,” said Emma Holmes, Head of Brand for Ridley’s Games.

Emma Holmes joins Chronicle Books as Head of Brand for Ridley’s Games

Holmes was previously a Creative Director at Wild + Wolf, the former home of Ridley’s Games prior to Chronicle’s acquisition of the brand.

Chronicle Books acquires Ridley’s Games from Wild + Wolf

Following the acquisition, Chronicle will establish a subsidiary, Chronicle Books Limited, in the UK and will bring on board a number of Wild + Wolf staff to lead and develop the brand out of Bath, England, and in San Francisco, California.

Wild & Wolf’s first D2C site set to grow Ridley’s Games fanbase

“Our new website facilitates a direct route to the end consumer, meaning for the first time, we can fulfil every step of the consumer journey,” said Wild & Wolf’s Joelle Engolia.

Wild & Wolf’s Chris Naylor on why Ridley’s Games is poised to “take the industry by storm”

Chris Naylor, senior product designer for the Ridley’s team, tells us about the design process behind Ridley’s Games, and why 2018 looks set to be a standout year for the brand.

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