SGN, Circo and sustainability expert Sonia Sanchez launch ‘Toys That Last’, a six-week circular design course

SGN, Circo, Sonia Sanchez, Emile Kalis
SGN – the Dutch toy foundation – has partnered with Circo and sustainability expert Sonia Sanchez to launch ‘Toys That Last’, a new six-week circular design course.

The course aims to help the global toy industry create a deeper understanding of the opportunities of the circular economy and make a start with actual projects to work on.

“Worldwide every year an incredible amount of toys end up as incineration, landfill or as drifting plastics in our oceans – this needs to change,” said Emile Kalis, Head of SGN.

“In order to practically support the industry to begin their journey to a more sustainable and circular way of working, we want to offer some practical support and a platform to exchange experiences.”

​The course will explore the concepts of circular design, with participants identifying business opportunities and utilising circular design strategies to redesign their own company’s propositions, products, services, and business models.

On leaving the course, participants will have developed a concrete ‘Implementation Roadmap’ designed to result in tangible outcomes.

The course costs €2000 per company, with two participants taking part per company. The course recommends that one is a creative participant working in design or marketing and one is a decision-making participant working in sales, manufacturing or finance.

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