Spin Master details 50th anniversary launches for Rubik’s Cube

Spin Master, Rubik’s Cube, Doug Wadleigh

Spin Master has detailed the product slate for Rubik’s Cube’s 50th anniversary.

The range includes a Rubik’s 50th Anniversary Retro Cube, displayed in a replica of the 1980s issue packaging, as well as a Rubik’s Sensory Cube featuring a tactile shape for each colour of the cube. Designed to be inclusive for the visually impaired community, the Rubik’s Sensory Cube will be launched in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind in March.

Spin will also launch a Rubik’s Gridlock board games in March. With blocks in place, the objective is to fit all of the pieces onto the board to solve each puzzle. Elsewhere, launching in June is the Rubik’s Connected X – a Bluetooth-enabled 3×3 cube that allows users to improve their skills through an app that tracks, records and times their solve.

July will see the arrival of Rubik’s Cubers, a range of puzzle characters ­– including Batman, Ironman, Spiderman and Black Panther – while a Rubik’s 3×3 Speed Cube, redesigned for competition use, lands in August.

“The Rubik’s Cube is an iconic puzzle that has permeated pop culture, captivating millions of curious minds for generations,” said Doug Wadleigh, Spin Master’s President of Toys.

“As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we will honour the Rubik’s Cube’s enduring global impact, inspiring new generations to explore the cube and encouraging past generations to rediscover it.”

Later this year, Spin Master’s Digital Games will debut Rubik’s Match, a mobile game developed by Nørdlight Games, Spin Master’s Stockholm-based digital game studio. The game will deliver a fresh 3D take on the match-3 game genre.

Finally, a series of limited-edition collaborations will also be available throughout the course of the year, with brands like Barbie, Stranger Things, Beatles Yellow Submarine, Albert Einstein and Tetris.

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