Adam Carson

Pitching to Fat Brain Toys? Director of Product Innovation Adam Carson discusses how…

“Classic play patterns with a twist…” Adam Carson on what Fat Brain Toys looks for in ideas.

Fat Brain Toy’s Adam Carson and Kyle Gutzmann discuss the development and magic of Air Toobz

“We knew we had something magical…” Adam Carson and Kyle Gutzmann on developing Air Toobz.

Fat Brain Toys joins Virtual Mojo Pitch 2024

“The excitement and innovation that flows through these events is very exciting to be a part of,” said Adam Carson, Director of Product Innovation at Fat Brain Toys.

WATCH: A Deep Dive into Dimpl with Fat Brain Toys

The session features Mark Carson (Co-Founder at Fat Brain Toys), Erik Quam (Director of Product Development at Fat Brain Toys) and Dimpl creator Adam Carson (Industrial Designer at Fat Brain Toys).

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