Daryl Andrews

Maestro Media joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“We’re eager to explore new concepts, but more importantly, to build lasting partnerships that will continue to shape the future of gaming and entertainment,” said Javon Frazier, Founder and CEO of Maestro Media.

Daryl Andrews on the secret sauce that makes a game right for Maestro Media

Maestro Media’s Daryl Andrews on what to keep in mind when you pitch to them!

Maestro Media joins Mojo Pitch 2023

“We are so thankful and excited to build relationships with inventors in the Mojo network,” said Daryl Andrews, Head of Talent Relations at Maestro Media.

Game designer Daryl Andrews on The Real Truth – and the benefits of working in both hobby and mass market

Award-winning designer Daryl Andrews discusses his start in the industry – and reveals what he believes to be his most underrated game.

Designers Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews on bringing Titanic into board games

With Spin Master’s Titanic: The Game now available, we caught up with designers Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu to find out how they tackled bringing Titanic from the big screen to the tabletop.

Designers behind Sagrada and Sinister Six launch new game development hub, Evergreen Studio

‘Each of our games will be built upon the foundation of these values: eco and environmentally friendly, inclusive for all gamers, and aesthetically and mechanically beautiful,’ read a statement from the team.

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