Eric Lang

Prolific game designer Eric Lang takes us inside Hasbro’s Life in Reterra

“We gave ourselves a complexity budget in the design process”: Eric Lang on crafting an accessible mass market game, with depth.

Hasbro’s Tanya Thompson, Mattel’s Damon Saddler and designer Eric Lang to speak at d4: Tabletop Creative Conference

“Hosting this conference expands on our offerings and aligns with our mission of promoting and supporting areas of popular art that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve,” said Eddie Ibrahim, Senior Director of Programming at Comic-Con International.

Designer Julio E. Nazario on how a career in engineering steers his approach to inventing games like Ctrl and Holi: Festival of Colors

Julio E. Nazario is a rising star of the game design world, with his eye-catching titles like Ctrl and Holi: Festival of Colors leading design royalty Eric Lang to recently tweet: ‘Julio Nazario will win a Spiel des Jahres before 2025’.

Eric Lang leaves CMON to focus on freelance game design and activism

“Now felt like the right time for me to return to my roots; focusing on game design and public advocacy for our amazing hobby,” said Lang.

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