I.D.I.O.T. Award

“Their toys opened up flight to millions of kids…” Ben Varadi on Peter Manning and John Dixon

Ben Varadi discusses why the I.D.I.O.T. Award was given to John Dixon and Peter Manning, RIP.

Meet the founder of the UK Inventors Dinner: I.D.I.O.T. Award winner John Reynolds

“I can’t imagine having done anything else”: In conversation with THE John Reynolds.

Holdson’s Fleur Tisdale reveals what made I.D.I.O.T. winner Simon Holdsworth remarkable

“When he passed away, the outpouring of love was fantastic…” Fleur Tisdale on Simon Holdsworth

Smart, generous and a real character: Richard Pain, as remembered by his colleague Richard Wells

Industry stalwart Richard Wells discusses the career of the IDIOT Award-winning Richard Pain

Suzanne Robinson reveals how Carterbench founder Rob Kay came to win the coveted I.D.I.O.T. Award

How fellow I.D.I.O.T. Award winner Rob Kay put Carterbench on the map… With Suzanne Robinson.

“There is no secret sauce!” Suzanne Robinson reveals what REALLY makes Carterbench remarkable…

Suzanne Robinson discusses all things Carterbench – and winning the I.D.I.O.T. Award

Mini-I.D.I.O.T.-Award winner Michael Lyden – as remembered by his friend Bob Fuhrer

Nextoy’s Bob Fuhrer remembers his friend, Tyco US President Michael Lyden, RIP.

“Without him, it would never have happened.” Ron Dubren on I.D.I.O.T. winner Stan Clutton

Why Stan Clutton deserved more credit – with Tickle Me Elmo co-inventor Ron Dubren

“Holy cow! Could it be me?” Hasbro’s Tanya Thompson discusses winning the I.D.I.O.T. Award

Tanya Thompson on winning Mojo Nation, Wonder Woman and I.D.I.O.T. awards – all in one year!

Big Ideas’ Ruth Elliott on Deface Race, Whoopee Duck – and winning an I.D.I.O.T. award

Big Ideas’ Ruth Elliott discusses her route into the industry – and the key to establishing successful relationships with toy companies.

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