Out of Order

Inside Out of Order – Part 5: Porridge Design founder, Helen Davies, on creating the game’s look

Graphic Designer Helen Davies discusses why the game Out of Order dramatically changed appearance…

Inside Out of Order Part 4: The Retail Perspective

What changes did then games buyer at John Lewis, Lucy Benham, suggest for the Gibsons game Out of Order… And why?

Kate Gibson and Sam Goodburn discuss the vital work of The Diversity and Inclusion Team at Gibsons

Team members from Gibsons on adapting, learning and building a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

Inside Out of Order – Part 3: Product developer Emma Kilby on cheeky hurdles and risky jumps

Former Gibsons product developer Emma Kilby discusses design, direction and diversity.

Inside Out of Order – Part Two: Product Development

Part two of our series on getting a game to market sees product developer Emily Charles discuss the changes Gibsons needed.

Inside Out of Order – Part One: The idea

In Part 1 of our series exploring how a new party game got to market, the publisher, Gibsons, interviews the inventors about the idea.

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