Play Creators Festival

Joking Hazard joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“The Joking Hazard team is excited to be a part of the 2024 Mojo Pitch event,” said Joking Hazard’s Kayla Cline.

ThinkFun joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“Thinkfun’s success has always been directly connected with the inventor community, and we are grateful to Mojo for this opportunity to see some great new ideas,” said Josh West, Head of Product Design and Inventor Relations at ThinkFun.

Cheatwell Games joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“We’re thrilled to be attending the Mojo Pitch for the first time this year!” says Paul Laing, Head of Product Development at Cheatwell Games/Outset Media.

Jazwares joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“Attending the Play Creators Festival is a fantastic opportunity for Jazwares to meet and collaborate with innovative thinkers from across the world!” said Magdalena Eichhorn, Inventor Relations Manager, BlueJ at Jazwares.

Mood Bears creator Jo Proud to share her story at Play Creators Conference 2024

Jo’s session – The Mood Bears Mission – will delve into the origins and ethos of her mental wellness brand.

Fuse’s Brendan Boyle to discuss ‘The Science of Play’ at Play Creators Conference 2024

Brendan’s session will imagine a world where no one questions how crucial play is…

Hasbro’s David Laskowski to explore ‘The Power of Imagination’ at Play Creators Conference 2024

David’s session will look at the importance of unlocking imagination as inventors, inspiring it within kids and combating the ‘dark side of imagination’.

KID Group’s Dan Klitsner to share a creative approach to charitable giving at Play Creators Conference 2024

In his session, Dan will discuss how gratitude inspired the development of the Bop It Button.

IDTV and Identity Games to take guests ‘Inside The Traitors’ at Play Creators Conference 2024

The session welcomes IDTV Creative Director Jasper Hoogendoorn, who oversaw development of the TV show, and Identity Games’ JM Duparc, who helmed the board game adaptation.

Moose Toys joins Mojo Pitch 2024

“We can’t wait to discover the fresh, creative ideas out there that could lead to something new for Moose,” said Heath Saber, Inventor Relations Director at Moose.

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