Schleich readies Wizarding World collection

“The schleich brand is known for authenticity, attention to detail and quality all over the world, and Wizarding World will uphold these properties,” said Schleich CEO Dirk Engehausen.

All Schleich figurines to be recyclable or biodegradable by end of 2027

“We’re on an exciting journey towards becoming a company that not only talks about sustainability, but makes it an integral part of its strategy,” said Schleich CEO Dirk Engehausen.

Dirk Engehausen, CEO of schleich®, discusses the company’s rebrand – and tremendous success with animals of every kind

CEO of schleich®, Dirk Engehausen, reveals the secret behind their award-winning success…

Partners Group to acquire Schleich

Partners Group will invest in new product development to further develop Schleich’s core figurine and play-set product offerings.

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