All Schleich figurines to be recyclable or biodegradable by end of 2027

Schleich, Dirk Engehausen
Schleich has set itself the goal of making all its figurines recyclable or biodegradable by the end of 2027.

In addition, Schleich is optimising and certifying its products and packaging in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle circular economy principles by the end of 2027. This means that Schleich figurines are recycled without loss of material quality.

To achieve this, Schleich is collaborating very closely with the consultancy institute and innovation partner EPEA GmbH.

“We strive to use only sustainable materials,” said Schleich CEO Dirk Engehausen.

“As a first step, by the end of 2027 all our figurines will be recyclable or biodegradable. Also, we are working hard at finding recycled or bio-based material for the future production of our toys.

“Our figurines are timeless and have always been handed down from generation to generation. This longevity significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our products – but we can’t rest on our laurels.”

The goal is to transform the entire company and make each individual area even more sustainable, from the production of the figurines all the way through to sales and distribution.

Dr Philipp Hummel, Head of Sustainability at Schleich, added: “Sustainability is a journey, and we’ll be taking some important steps along the way in the coming years.

“Our products are so long-lasting and of such high quality that it’s very rare that they’re ever thrown away. But should that ever happen, rigorously applying the Cradle to Cradle design principles means that a Schleich dinosaur can ideally be made into another Schleich dinosaur – or a lion, horse or unicorn, instead of a product with less material quality.”

All Schleich packaging will be recyclable by no later than 2025. And from 2023 onwards, the company will only use cardboard that is FSC-certified for its packaging.

Schleich has been decreasing the plastic content in its packaging and replacing components with recycled and recyclable materials. Compared to 2020, the company has reduced plastic in all its packaging by around 20%.

In addition, the company is investing in initiatives that broaden children’s knowledge and promote lifelong learning around sustainability.

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