Inventor, graphic designer and more: Christopher Chaffee on bringing Math Path Monster to life!

Make math fun? New inventor Christopher Chaffee on facing the challenge at ThinkFun.

“We need nuggets of ideas – and you have to mine for them!”: ThinkFun’s Josh West discusses his approach to inventor relations

Josh West – Head of Product Design and Inventor Relations at ThinkFun – on inventors, creativity and the company’s most underrated products.

ThinkFun to meet with inventors at Mojo Pitch 2023

“We look forward to building more meaningful connections with the inspiring members of this amazingly creative community,” said Josh West, Head of Product Design and Inventor Relations at ThinkFun.

Rachele Harmuth – Head of ThinkFun – on how the industry can help build resilience in children through MESH

ThinkFun’s Rachele Harmuth discusses her entry into the toy world and how inventors can engage with MESH – which stands for Mental Emotional Social Health.

ThinkFun launches Freefall, a labyrinthian logic and skill game invented by KID Group

“The expression and rotation of the game’s design makes it both visually stunning and uniquely fun to play,” said KID Group founder Dan Kiltsner.

ThinkFun joins Mojo Pitch 2022

“We are looking forward to connecting with new inventors, as well as seeing some great new innovations from the creative minds that we already love,” said Josh West, Head of Product Design and Inventor Relations at ThinkFun.

Ravensburger acquisition will enable ThinkFun to “explore new and innovative product concepts”

ThinkFun joins Wonder Forge, acquired in 2012, and BRIO, acquired in 2015, as the newest company under the recently established Ravensburger North America division.

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