ThinkFun launches Freefall, a labyrinthian logic and skill game invented by KID Group

ThinkFun, KID Group, Dan Kiltsner, Deborah Gliboa
ThinkFun has launched Freefall, a logic and skill game that sees players move a ball through a 3D labyrinth.

Invented by Dan Klitsner and the team at KID Group, Freefall sees players choose from 60 challenge puzzles across skill levels. Each challenge begins with the players constructing the frame and arranging cups to build a free-standing maze.

Once complete, players then work to solve the maze by dropping a marble into the green starting cup. From there, they’ll have to carefully flip and turn their creation until the marble reaches its destination.

“Freefall has been more than 20 years in the making and my inventive team at KID Group and I are thrilled to finally share this passion project with the ThinkFun community,” said Dan Kiltsner, Freefall designer and KID Group founder.

“The expression and rotation of the game’s design makes it both visually stunning and uniquely fun to play, while also challenging players to use logic and engineering in a way that proves you don’t have to choose between math and art.”

Freefall is also the first game to be evaluated using the MESH – Mental, Emotional and Social Health – scoring program developed by ThinkFun in partnership with resilience expert and family physician Deborah Gliboa, MD.

“Freefall’s design challenges players to take direction and translate static images into a three-dimensional object, encouraging development of key psychological skills such as visual processing, logic, reasoning, attention and perseverance,” said Dr. Gilboa.

“The reward of completing the maze and watching the ball fall all the way through further inspires players towards self-regulation.”

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