University Games

University Games joins Mojo Pitch

“The level of creativity always impresses and dedicating this time to concentrate on new innovative ideas without other distractions is always a positive experience,” said Richard Wells, Managing Director for University Games.

University Games debuts Bob Moog’s Dad Jokes game at US Toy Fair

The new game contains a raft of dad jokes written and collected by University Games President, Bob Moog.

University Games readies Rocky Horror Show board game

The party game sees players sing the songs, quoting famous one-liners and take part in some of the famous call backs from the live shows.

Hasbro’s Naomi Brugnatelli, University Games’ Bob Moog and Heayes Design’s Richard Heayes join Toy Room 101 panel at Play Creators Conference

All three will compete to banish their biggest pet peeves about the world of toy and game design to Room 101, in a session hosted by Mojo’s own Deej Johnson.

University Games to bring Faeries & Magical Creatures to Kickstarter next month

“The Faerie Realm that is created in Faeries & Magical Creatures offers an amazing, engaging setting for a strategy game,” said Bob Moog, President of University Games.

Jeff Pinsker joins University Games in new Executive Vice President role

“My goal is to reinvest myself in University Games and help the current team build a stronger global company,” said Pinsker.

“A shower is the best game design studio you can have!”: We speak with Glenn Drover, VP of University Games’ new Strategy Games division

Glenn Drover, VP of Strategy Games at University Games, discusses his work on games like Age of Empires III, Raccoon Tycoon and the upcoming Mosaic.

University Games President Bob Moog on passionate inventors, cautious buyers and the importance of integrity

Bob Moog – President at University Games – discusses the three things that all great inventor pitches have.

University Games acquires Forbidden Games

Titles like Raccoon Tycoon and Mosaic will now fall under University Games’ new Forbidden Games division.

Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner: So… You Want to Be a Game Inventor?

Asked to give ten top tips to new toy-and-game inventors, Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner went one better… Here, they offer not only their tips but also invaluable advice that shapes their thinking.

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