University Games debuts Bob Moog’s Dad Jokes game at US Toy Fair

University Games has debuted Bob Moog’s Dad Jokes at New York Toy Fair.

The new game contains all the best and worst dad jokes, written and collected by toy industry veteran, long-time dad, game designer and President of University Games, Bob Moog.

Players try to match the Dad Wisdom Cards with the appropriately punchlines and the first to match eight completed jokes wins the game.

“We’ve put the puns to good use,” said Moog. “I was creating ‘Dad Jokes’ since before I was a dad. Then, I perfected the art with my three daughters over the last 30 years.”

Craig Hendrickson, SVP Product Development at University Games, added: “Between our company President and the magic of our staff, the game wound up creating itself. We had so many great jokes to choose from. The game includes all of Bob Moog’s favourites and if we missed any of yours, it just wasn’t in the cards.”

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