Tonies to trial AI-based content generator

Tonies, Patric Faßbender

This month will see tonies trial an AI-based content generator that allows users to create stories and listen to them on the Toniebox ‘in an instant’.

The test will start mid-May with up to 1,000 users in the UK. Users generate stories or documentaries by providing input via dropdowns and text fields, such as the names of the hero, the theme of the story, its tone and the age of the listener.

The AI-based generator then creates a script which users can record themselves or convert into an audio file based on text-to-speech technology. Both can then be assigned to a Creative Tonie to enjoy the story right away on the Toniebox.

Users will also be asked to participate in a survey to share insights and reflections from the test.

“With cautious excitement we now dip our toes in the AI water and explore ways how kids – along with their parents – can properly use AI to tap into their unlimited creativity and keen sense of storytelling,” said Patric Faßbender, tonies Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

“At tonies®, it has always been our mission to provide kids with access to technology in a responsible and child-friendly way.”

Tonies will launch its AI-based content generator in mytonies, the brand’s digital user interface.

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