Unnecessary Inventions’ Matty Benedetto brings Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table to Kickstarter

Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table
Matty Benedetto, creator of the Unnecessary Inventions design project, is launching one of the site’s most popular creations on Kickstarter.

Unnecessary Inventions specialises in ‘creating products that solve problems that don’t really exist by creating products that no one is really asking for’.

According to Benedetto, the Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table is ‘the first and only coffee table that can’t actually be used until you solve the jigsaw puzzle surface’.

The coffee table measures 20 inches x 40 inches and features 55 puzzle pieces and costs $139.

The campaign has already passed its goal of $10,000 and currently sat just shy of $40,000 with 33 days of the project still to go.

Check out the campaign here or watch the project video below:


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