US Toy Fair drops New Orleans plan and recommits to New York

US Toy Fair, Aaron Muderick, The Toy Association

The Toy Association has dropped plans to move US Toy Fair to New Orleans and will be keeping the show in New York.

The next US Toy Fair will take place in New York from March 1st to March 4th 2025. The Toy Association then planned to move the show to January in New Orleans, but Toy Fair will instead remain in New York in a February slot from 2026.

The Toy Association is also exploring options for an LA-based event in August/September 2024.

“While we aimed to adapt to the perceived shifts in our industry, the announcement of that change was met with strong feelings of tradition and enduring memories of toy business conducted in New York,” read a statement from Aaron Muderick and The Toy Association Board of Directors.

“We were swiftly reminded of our industry’s passionate bond to a place that no amount of research, conversation and learning had sufficiently surfaced. As a board we have heard clearly that this change was the wrong choice for our members.

“It has become abundantly clear through the passionate reaction, that the PLACE holds as much or more importance than the DATE, and that the industry’s desired location for the great industry-wide coming together remains New York City. Thus, we have recommitted to New York and the Javits Center. We will return to the first available opening (March 1- 4, 2025) and are working with Javits Center leadership to confirm dates in February for 2026 and beyond.

“While February may not be completely perfect for all, given that Toy Fair has been held during this time for nearly a century, we expect that it can be perfectly imperfect for the vast majority of members, exhibitors and buyers. We are confident that this incredible industry, representing tens of thousands of people sharing a collective goal of enabling play and happiness will, without a doubt, come together and make it amazing — as we always have.

“It has also become abundantly clear that it is not in the best interest of the industry to wait until March 2025 for our next gathering. We have been exploring what meaningful role the Association can play around Los Angeles, which has emerged as a hub for early fall previews. We are actively exploring ways to support members there, starting in August/September 2024. Your feedback, as always, will be instrumental. Expect outreach on this topic.”

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