WIT president takes to Kickstarter with new party game, Mad Moves

Brandberry founder and Women in Toys president Ashley Mady has launched a new party game, Mad Moves, on Kickstarter.

Her first Kickstarter campaign, Mad Moves sees players spin a spinner and draw a corresponding category card, which include different actions, animals and people. These are then used in charades style guessing games and dance battles, as players end up doing things spanning limb-ing like a zombie and twisting like a ninja.

The first person who guesses the category correctly wins the card, with the object to win the most category cards, and there are over 300 ‘Mad Moves’ to create.

“Like many young girls, I started dance classes at an early age and it continued as a large part of my life growing up,” said Mady.

“The idea that I could develop a game that gets people out of their chairs, moving and laughing is incredibly exciting.”

There’s also a Midnight Spinner, sold separately, that adds more adult content like booty dance, belly dance, break-dance, shimmy and dance battles.

The campaign is looking to raise $15,000 by November 2nd. Check out the project here.

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