Zoch’s Beethupferl wins award at Vienna Games Academy

Zoch, Beethupferl, Vienna Games Academy, Thomas Bareder, Walter Scholz

Zoch’s new vegetable-themed game Beethupferl ­­– invented by Bernhard Weber ­– has won the ‘Spiele Hit’ category at the Vienna Games Academy.

The 3D memory game sees players water a vegetable plot with their watering cans in order to grow vegetables. The game features holes covered with field pieces and when a drop of water – represented by a marble – rolls onto the vegetable bed, the soil starts to move, revealing carrots, cabbages or pumpkins.

The first player to grow three vegetables of the same type can harvest their crop, but vegetables also attract the attention of snails, which must be avoided at all costs. The player with the biggest harvest when the last tile is taken wins.

“’What you water, sprouts’ is the motto of this friendly and cleverly designed game of skill, memory and collecting,” said Thomas Bareder from the Vienna Games Academy.

“It encourages the players to think tactically and also trains fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and memory skills in a fun and easily accessible format.”

Zoch editor Walter Scholz added: “Beethupferl is highly stimulating. By requiring the players to water the soil and grow vegetables, it explores the theme of gardening in a unique format.

“Beethupferl trains the memory skills of budding young gardeners and is lovingly illustrated with pictures of plants and animals from Stefanie Reich.”

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