LEGO debuts new inventor platform, the Innovation Intake Portal

LEGO Innovation Intake Portal
Toy and game designers can now pitch ideas to LEGO via a new platform called the Innovation Intake Portal.

The process sees inventors speak to a LEGO chat bot on the Portal. The bot asks for your age, a description of who you are (inventor, entrepreneur, AFOL, etc) and how you want to engage with LEGO, with options including ‘to license my innovation’, ‘to get funding’ and ‘to share a great idea’.

If an inventor outlines an idea for a new LEGO set, the Portal will point them to the existing LEGO Ideas platform, but if designers state they have concepts for new ways to play, they will be given access LEGO’s Innovation Intake Submission Portal.

This portal will give inventors the opportunity to sign up to LEGO’s terms and conditions before filling out a form with details of their idea, plus the option to attach photos or sketches.

Once submitted, LEGO’s Innovation Intake team takes it in for consideration, with a commitment to getting back to designers within 30 working days.

‘We’ve created this portal to enable all your great ideas and initiatives to go through the right channels and reach us in the most effective way possible,’ reads a statement on the Portal.

‘Whatever your idea or initiative, have a chat with our friendly bot, who will point you in the right direction, so your idea reaches us in an efficient way. All great ideas are key to unlocking endless creativity and imagination – so bring them on, and let’s see how we can collaborate to make them a reality, together!’

Check out the LEGO Innovation Intake Portal here:


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