Mattel brings UNO into playing cards with Wild Twists

Mattel, Uno, Ray Adler
Mattel has launched UNO Wild Twists Playing Cards – an UNO deck that allows players to also play games like Poker, Go Fish and Gin Rimmy.

UNO Wild Twists Playing Cards is a standard deck of 52 playing cards for a number of classic card games. Each deck also includes eight special Wild Cards, as well as instructions for Wild Race, a fast-paced card game that can only be played with this deck.

“Expanding UNO into playing cards marks another category of gaming that UNO has explored in recent years, and feels like a natural evolution to amplify gameplay,” said Ray Adler, Global Head of Games, Mattel.

“This twist on UNO is another milestone on our journey to innovate in new areas of culture and a testament to our brand purpose to become more inclusive.”

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