Melbits POD hits Kickstarter target in 24 hours

Melbits POD, a virtual pet toy blending physical and digital play, has passed its Kickstarter goal of €18k in the campaign’s first 24 hours.

The toy sees children catch seeds, incubate them in the POD before nurturing and evolving their pets into fully-formed customisable creatures called Melbits.

The POD is packed with sensors, a speaker and LEDs, and to incubate Melbits, kids will have to expose the POD to light, temperature and motion, as well as use a companion app utilising augmented reality technology.

“We are a small team from Spain, but with big dreams about making amazing toys and games for all ages,” read a statement from Melbot Studio – the firm behind Melbits POD.

“We are geeks, kawaii fans, indie game lovers and also parents and gamers, and we want to deliver the best possible experience to you all. Your faith in us means the world.”

The campaign still have over two weeks to go, and you can check it out here or watch the campaign video below:


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