Spin Master welcomes toy invention students for workshops, tours and talks

Spin Master toy innovation process
Students enrolled in the toy invention course series at FCAD, visited Spin Master to gain unique insight into the toy innovation process.

During the visit last week, the class learned from the leaders of Spin Master as they presented the processes involved in the imaginative creation, design and distribution of toys.

Students had the chance to tour the facilities, hear from leadership and engage in an interactive workshop that led them through Spin Master’s processes of toy invention.

The leadership presentations included, among others, Matt Lentini, director of design, Ben Dermer, senior vice president of creative development, and James Martin, senior vice president of robotics global business unit.

“This was an incredible opportunity for students as it allowed them to understand and learn from the inner workings of a world-renowned, leading-edge organisation in the field of toy invention,” said Lorena Escandon, academic coordinator and instructor of the toy invention course series.

“In the first course, students take Principles of Toy Invention where they learn how to come up with toy ideas, and what better environment to get inspired than Spin Master!”

The afternoon workshop explored how product ideas are generated, as well as the unique aspects that make an idea exceptional. Students were guided through Spin Master’s methods of concept ideation, technical problem solving, and through the creation of a structured plan that guides inventions from inception to market.

FCAD’s course series on toy invention was launched in partnership with The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and the Spin Master Corporation to spark new creative innovation in the Canadian toy industry. The one-year program was created through collaborations with Spin Master, OCAD University, and Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.

Photo credit: Nicole Fonseca

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