Assaf Eshet

Clixo’s Assaf Eshet on adding themed kits to the award-winning magnetic play system

Clixo’s Assaf Eshet talks us through new themed launches for the brand – and what 2024 has in store.

Toyish Labs readies first themed Clixo packs

“We are thrilled to bring two new Clixo packs to kids and adults to unlock even more creative possibilities and bring play to new heights,” said Assaf Eshet, Founder of Toyish Labs.

Toyish’s Assaf Eshet on combining the power of magnets, the magic of origami and the ease of building blocks in Clixo

We caught up with Assaf to learn about how his career as an educator has informed his work with Toyish Labs, why he feels perfectionism holds back creativity and where the idea for Clixo came from.

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