Deej Johnson

Inventor Dan Klitsner interviews Deej Johnson about writing rules, creating magic – and bottling objects!

Mojo Nation’s Deej Johnson on creative magic, improbable objects and asking: “What’s impossible?”

How does the Mojo 100 work? Billy Langsworthy on the nomination process – and why bribes won’t help!

Mojo Nation cofounder Billy Langsworthy explains how and why nominations make it into the Mojo 100

Pitching for Introverts: Seven ways to improve your pitch energy

Switch tactics, pitch products: Deej Johnson’s tips for introverts.

“Buckle up and hold onto your hats!” Erik Quam on products that excite him at Smart Toys and Games

Erik Quam – inventor relations guru at Smart Toys and Games – on their secret sauce.

Seven Towns, one legend: Mike Moody discusses his long career and I.D.I.O.T. Award

Guest interviewer Liz Moody talks to industry veteran Mike Moody about his phenomenal work in toys

Prolific inventor Richard Levy on the launch of Tightrope – and the return of Furby

Old favourites and new releases: Richard Levy on Furby, Tightrope and BrainBolt

What makes sizzles sizzle? Video producer Stuart Turner on making the first ten seconds count

How to Make a Pitch Sizzle: Stuart Turner, co-founder at DMI Productions, discusses videos that sell.

Kill WILL: Writer Deej Johnson on removing a four-letter word that kills rules

Why ridding your writing of the word ‘WILL’ helps rules and marketing sound more lively…

Anatomy of a Sell Sheet: A Deep Dive… What is it? Why use it? Who needs it?

Deej Johnson explores the who, what, where, when and why of this divisive sales tool.

Bernhard Weber reveals why – as an inventor – he puts himself under no pressure to deliver!

Award-winning inventor Bernhard Weber on creativity and his recent hit, Beethupferl.

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