“Everybody wants this game!”: DENKRIESEN’s Denis Görz and Ricardo Barreto on the speedy success of Arschmallows

DENKRIESEN’s Denis Görz and Ricardo Barreto on how Arschmallows caught the public’s imagination – and Hasbro’s attention…

Pat Marino on what makes a hobby game right for The Op

Pat Marino – Director of Hobby Games at The Op – talks themes, pitching and ‘hobby ambassadors’.

Stuart Grant on what makes a brand appealing to The Entertainer

The Entertainer’s Stuart Grant talks Peppa Pig, innovation and the advice he’d give to inventors.

Iconic Toy Photographer Mitchel Wu discusses playing with ideas and displaying his work

What led the greatest toy photographer back to taking wedding photos?! Mitchel Wu tells all…

Moose’s Shannon Swindle discusses Pickleball Blast… And having a blast with inventors!

What are the six magic words Moose’s Shannon Swindle wants inventor items to conjure?

TOMY’s Morgan Weyl on the shared brand values of Toomies and PEPPA PIG

“Both PEPPA and Toomies embrace the same core values”: Morgan Weyl, Managing Director Licensing & Global Development at TOMY, takes us inside the firm’s creative collaboration with Hasbro on Peppa.

IDEO’s Michelle Lee talks Twister Air, creativity and the power of play

“Play lets us dream about what the future could be. Only after we see it, can we make it real”: Michelle Lee – Partner & Managing Director of IDEO’s Play Lab – on how play can change the world.

Buffalo’s Ben Rathbone on the appeal of Medical Mysteries – and embracing innovative ideas

“We saw it as an exciting new take on this game genre”: Ben Rathbone – SVP of Design at Ceaco – on Buffalo’s upcoming slate of titles.

Pace Development’s Robert Schwartzman and Peter Williams on how constraints fuel creativity

“Inventing is playing”: Robert and Peter from Pace talk us through recent launches, including the Hot Wheels Transforming Rhinomite RC and Mattel’s Transforming Ariel Doll.

Marco Moroso – Head of Creative at HTI – on the value of simplicity

HTI’s Marco Moroso talks us through the firm’s PEPPA PIG range – and how it involved ‘reversed cubism’!

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