Identity Games’ JM Duparc on the one-line pitch that sold him Medical Mysteries

“We absolutely want to do more games in this series”: JM Duparc – Creative Director at Identity Games – on the origins, and potential, of Medical Mysteries.

Tony Serebriany from The Op discusses what he looks for in a sell sheet, a sizzle and more…

“There are two types of ideal sizzle…” The Op’s Tony Serebriany on getting the most from videos.

If you love something, let it go: Dominique Roy discusses when inventors should give up on ideas

“At that point, it may be time to let it go…” Getting real with Make It Real’s Dominique Roy

Jazwares’ Magdalena Eichhorn on what she thinks about when reviewing an item for the first time

BlueJ Manager Magdalena Eichhorn reveals the areas she feels are ‘underserved’ by inventors.

Mattel’s Sarah Franco and Audrey Watanabe talk sell sheets, sizzles and pitches

Ahead of Mojo’s online event, Mattel’s Inventor Relations execs discuss common pitching mistakes…

Puzzle Post co-founder Will Hall discusses what the team likes to see in a product pitch

“There’s one thing that’s crucial…” Puzzle Post’s Will Hall on why he’s coming to the Mojo Pitch

Pitching to Fat Brain Toys? Director of Product Innovation Adam Carson discusses how…

“Classic play patterns with a twist…” Adam Carson on what Fat Brain Toys looks for in ideas.

“Games fail in the face of reality – or they assert themselves!”: Zoch’s Walter Scholz on embracing unique ideas

“Try to be unique”: Walter Scholz – Editor at Zoch – reveals what he looks for from game inventors.

Inventor Dan Klitsner interviews Deej Johnson about writing rules, creating magic – and bottling objects!

Mojo Nation’s Deej Johnson on creative magic, improbable objects and asking: “What’s impossible?”

“The key to its success is the players”: Cynthia Williams – President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming – on why D&D continues to thrive

Cynthia Williams – President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming – discusses the key to D&D’s longevity.

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