Jazwares joins Mojo Pitch 2020

Jazwares, Mojo Pitch
Toy and game inventors will be able to pitch concepts to Jazwares at this year’s Mojo Pitch event.

Forming part of the Play Creators Festival, the three-day Mojo Pitch will take place virtually this year, hosted at a dedicated Mojo Pitch platform from Tuesday September 8th to Thursday September 10th.

The event will welcome toy and game designers (both seasoned professionals and talented amateurs), invention houses and design agencies from across the world as they pitch exciting new toy and game concepts to a range of companies, each on the lookout for new products.

“Jazwares is thrilled to be a part of the Mojo Nation virtual pitch for the first time,” said Michael Rinzler, Executive Partner/VP at Jazwares.

“It’s an incredible forum to bring together toy companies and creatives together to vet out new innovations and products. We are on the hunt for great product and are excited to be working much more closely with the inventing community.”

If you’re a designer, inventor or design agency that would like book in a meeting with Jazwares and other companies at this year’s Mojo Pitch, email Mojo’s Billy Langsworthy on [email protected]

If you’re a company that would like to join Jazwares in meeting with designers and inventors at this year’s virtual event, email Adam Butler at [email protected].

For more details on the wider Play Creators Festival, head to: www.playcreatorsfestival.com.


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